Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Floor Jack | The Guide 2024

Those who are using a car or other vehicles have little, or enough know-how about floor jack or car jack or garage jack. However, when we approach buying a jack for our home use, we need to know some more essential matters about these tools. Relax! We are here to work out all your queries regarding how to choose the best floor jack for your home or carrying a car trunk.

Before going to the floor jack buying guide first, we like to take a snapshot on the definition and history of the floor jack.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Floor Jack | The Guide 2024
Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Floor Jack | The Guide 2024

What is the best floor jack?

Typically by the word ‘Jack’ we imprint a mechanical device in our mind which is capable of lifting a heavy load or pressing something by applying great force. However, today’s topic is the best floor jack or car jack or garage jack which used to raise vehicles to a certain height from the ground and hold it by employing screw thread or hydraulic power to perform repair and maintenance works.  

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History of Hydraulic Jack

In the 17th century, French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal first illustrated the principle of a hydraulic jack.

Later in 1795, the British engineer Joseph Bramah achieved a patent for new methods of producing and applying more power to all machinery that requires motion and force, and this involved the first hydraulic press.

However, in 1838, William Joseph Curtis registered a British patent for a hydraulic jack.

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The journey of the new hydraulic jack started on July 8, 1851, with the hands of inventor and founder Richard Dudgeon by awarding a patent for ‘Portable Hydraulic Jack.’ 

Those days to operate hydraulic jack’s people used water or any other fluids like whiskey and whale oil as an alternative to hydraulic oil. However, during the winter, other liquids freeze and thicken except the most applied fluid whiskey. Thus the name ‘Whiskey Jack’ came into existence.

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What to consider when going to buying the best floor jack 

Oh! It is such an essential topic that everyone should know it before going for the final buying decision. Let’s start-

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Rated Capacity:

If you advance to buy the best floor jack, the first question comes from the seller – what lifting capacity is mandatory for your vehicle? The easiest way to find out the answer is to check the owner’s manual of your car. If it is a sedan or sports car, the weight may be 1 to 2 tons, or if it is SUV or utility vans, the load might be 2 to 3 tons or higher.

Whatsoever, you should check it carefully before purchasing a jack. If you thoughtlessly buy an undersize jack for a heavy-duty vehicle, chances are there are to wreck the car jack and cause harm to you and your cars. On the other hand, if you go for an oversized jack, it will cost more. So, if your vehicle weight is 2 tons, purchasing a 2 or 2.5-ton the best floor jack is wise.

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Build Quality:

We can define the build quality in two ways – the class of materials used to build it and the component/parts quality. Regarding materials, it should be sturdy enough but not hamper the portability. To carry with a car or occasional home use you should choose aluminum build jacks. If not, for the regular workshop and heavy-duty jobs, the steel or cast iron made jack will be perfect.

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A component like hydraulic pump pistons or lifting mechanisms is an integral part of a whole jack. If planning for commercial use, you need a sturdy build jack, or if you are an occasional user, for your own needs, the average quality build is just excellent for you.  

Jack Weight:

There is no relationship between performance and weight of a jack. However, if you want a portable one, you have to choose a lightweight jack, and one that builds with aluminum can fulfill your desire. Preferably, if you need only a rolling type one then you should not think much about weight and can use steel made jack which is sturdy and long lasting too.  

Design Profile and Dimension:

The characteristics ‘Profile’ is a crucial thing that must be considered before choosing the best floor jack. If your car is sporty or highly showcasing and or ground-hugging types, then you must need an ultra-low profile jack. On the other hand, if you use SUVs or ATVs or off-road vehicles, then you will need a hi-lift jack. 

Some branded car jacks come with a bit larger size or more large structure than others for natural stability. So, before buying check out what size it is and the available storage space with you.

Elevation Speed:

Different brands offer various types of speed mechanism — some models equipped with a dual pump while some are rapid lifting with a comfortable handle. Some required 3 to 4 pump cycles to reach the maximum height others needed more. Though, for as usual day to day use at your home/apartment garage, elevation speed is not a significant factor. However, if you think to use it at the racing track or commercial car workshop, the high-speed rapid lifting mechanism is a must. 


Quality of a jack largely depends on the price you put on it. If you buy a low price jack under $100, you will get an average performance from it. On the other hand, if you will pay additional means above $200, you will get a better quality jack which is efficient and lasts longer. However, this is not factual for all models; as some manufacturers offer excellent quality jack at an affordable price too. Whatever the price is you should check the safety matters and efficiency before purchase.


No one knows when a machine gets into fault due to material failure or poor quality assembling.   Whatever it is, the manufacturer’s warranty will always back your money on what you spend to buy the best floor jack. So, purchasing a jack with a good warranty policy is a smart job. In the floor jack industry, most of the manufacturers offer a 1-year standard warranty, where few provide two or more years, so check carefully. 

Types of Car Jacks

We witness many forms of car jacks or lifting devices around us. If we analyze the working techniques of those, we found they are mostly run on two main power: mechanical and hydraulic — however, both work to magnify the small input pressure into a large output force. Mechanically powered jacks use mechanical advantage of screw or thread to lift a heavy vehicle or object by converting manual force.

Whereas, a hydraulic jack follows Pascal’s law which states that ‘pressure applied to a confined liquid is transmitted undiminished in all directions and acts with equal force on all equal areas and at right angles to those areas.’ [Source:] Usually to lift a substantially massive object or load a hydraulic jack is impeccable. 

In the era of automation, we observed different types of jack around us. Here we are trying to discuss some common types in brief.      

Auto floor jacks 

Auto floor jack does not need to bolt into the floor for starting lifting. It is a kind of versatile the best floor jack that can safely lift cars and different vehicles within the range of lifting capacity. It has wheels for smooth movement and storage too.

Adjustable Jacks

Adjustable jacks are similar to auto automatics jacks which consist of hydraulic pumps that allow the car or vehicles to lift any load effortlessly. Mostly it is used in commercial and residential settings. Usually, it requires pumping the handle three-to-four times to raise the car to an acceptable height.

Scissor Jacks 

Scissor jacks are a kind of mechanical jack and have been in use since the 1930s. It is constructed with a cross-hatch mechanism like a scissor. It is a manually operated, very lightweight and compact size jack which is easy to carry and use to lift a car during roadside emergencies. Scissor jack usually occupied less space, because of what people prefer to keep in the car trunk.

As it is a screw operated jack, it requires a few minutes to lift an object at a certain height, but it gets it done efficiently. The base of a scissor jack is not spread enough which tends less stability, so carefulness is required during work with it.   

Farm jacks

Multi-functional Farm jacks are usually vertical shape jack great for lifting tractors or heavy trucks, pulling posts and poles, and winching or hoisting logs. Thus, it is an essential jack for the peoples who live in tough terrain or farmland that receive extreme weather. This type of High lifting jack is an efficient device for getting a vehicle out of rocks, ice, and other uneven ground with harsh road conditions. 

Piston jacks 

Piston jacks are used in heavy industries to lift or press mountain amounts of load. Usually, they are large, 50 tons or more need big space to operate smoothly. This type of jack is not suitable for low profile vehicles. So, for day to day use, the best floor jack is the ideal option for you.

Floor Jack

The best floor jack operated by hydraulic power are the most common type car jacks that you could see whenever you visit nearby muffler stores or auto repair workshops. This type of lifting device is sturdy and easy to use, mostly suitable for changing tires, or repair and general maintenance jobs where need accessibility underneath the vehicles.

Typically, they are equipped with four wheels – two sizable front wheels and two swivel caster rear wheels for smooth roll over on the workshop ground. However, it could be in many sizes – 2ton, 3ton, 3½ton and so on; you have to decide what size fits for you depending on your vehicle weight. Suppose if you want to lift heavy trucks or SUVs you will need a large size hydraulic jack like 3.5 ton or up. Usually, this type of jacks are big sizes and heavyweights that sometimes it was not possible to store it in the trunk.

Bottle Jack

A bottle jack sometimes called a whiskey jack too resembles a bottle with a neck mostly run by hydraulic power. These jacks are very compact in size but highly heavy-duty. Regardless of their little size, they can lift a very massive amount of weight. They are very powerful in nature and use artless hydraulics to raise a vehicle or other object.

It starts working when you are placing a long iron rod in the plunger attached with the bottle cylinder and then pumping it up and down. Though they lift a heavy load, they will not take much energy to do it compared to a scissor jack. These types of jack are most suitable for the workshop instead of carrying in the trunk and a bit costlier than scissor jacks.

Hi-Lift Jack

Hi-lift jack specially designed for off-road high clearance vehicles like Jeep, Land Rover, tractors, and soil excavators. This type of jack is capable of lift equal to or more than 7000 lbs., and typically 3 to 5 feet long in size. Because of the extra-long size, it is not possible to carry it in the trunk instead of mounting it on the bumper or roof.   

When do we use the best floor jack?

Those who have a car, having the best floor jack or trolley jack is essential. Because you never know when the emergencies will arrive in front of you. Suppose you are traveling in rough terrain or a long highway where there is no repair shop, and you need to replace your tire. In such a case if you have no car jack, then you can easily imagine what will happen next. Nevertheless, there are countless applications besides replacing tires of this small device. Like-

Replacing of Brake Pad

As a part of regular maintenance, you have to change the brake pad of your car for safety. However, for these small issues, if you pay a visit to your nearby repair shop, they will charge a lot which is not economical for you. If you have a hydraulic jack, you can do those jobs smoothly without costs much.  

Replacement and Transportation of Transmission and Suspension

If you are an owner of a car workshop, then it is apparent that you have to change transmission or differentials or other heavy-duty tasks frequently. In such a case, if you have no triple lift the best floor jack, then you will fail to do your job correctly, and customers will get angry at you. The same thing also happens for suspension, without a proper tools jack

Repair and maintenance jobs:

Maintenance of your vehicle in the regular interval can enhance the longevity to a great extent. Oil change, filter change, tire alignment, and pressure check are some of the tasks you need to do on a scheduled basis. To do these small tasks by yourself at your home garage you should have a car jack.  

Compress spring:

Hence, compressing a spring is not the primary task of a car jack, yet, many users use them for that. People use a hydraulic jack to squeeze the spring as it comes out quickly. However, this is not a job for nonprofessionals.

So, we must say that the best floor jack is an essential tool both for individuals to keep in car trunks or house garages and for a commercial motor mechanics shop. Before purchasing a car jack you should be clear about the purposes and to know it accurately you must read our above considerations. 

Car Jacks vs. Jack Stands

We already know that the car jack or the best floor jack or garage jack is a device which is used to elevate a part or side of a whole car up to a certain height. To do this, they mostly use hydraulic power which is derived from the hydraulic fluid in the cylinder of a pump piston attached to it. There are also some manually operated screw type lifting tools like scissor jack.  

On the other hand, Jack Stand is a powerless tool which cannot lift anything, instead of holding a car or object after raising it by a floor jack or other jacks. Once a hydraulic jack lifts a vehicle at a specific elevation, a jack stand can be placed under the frame or axle to support the car in an elevated point. Though it cannot move up anything by itself, for safety it is essential to use a jack stand without a relay only on the car jack. 

Therefore, floor or trolley jack is a lifting device and jack stands designed to ensure safety and both are complementary to each other.   

Essential Accessories:

For occasionally changing the tire of vehicles the best floor jack is enough. However, if you want to do small repair and replacement works by yourself then a few other essential accessories will assist you to do your work smoothly.

  • Jack Stands – we already discussed this tool. To work under the vehicles, it will not be wise to depend only on the best floor jack. Though they are heavy-duty, you will not guarantee that they will not fail. These simple supporting bars can be a genuine lifesaver, literally.   
  • Wheel Chocks – Wheel chocks help you to protect your car from rolling during jack up. In lifting condition, if the car starts progressing and you are under them, imagine what is going to happen. So to avoid any mishap better to expense a bit extra on wheel chocks and keep it with your car. Additionally, it will help you to park your car safely on the steep road.  
  • Ramps – you can use ramps to lift your low grounded sporty car to a certain height to make it usable for a floor jack. Some people use ramps for short term lifting of the vehicle instead of using floor jacks. During the use of ramps, you should remember to use wheel chocks too for additional safety. However, in any way Car Ramps are not an alternative option of a quality floor jack.  
  • Mechanics Creeper – for comfortable wrenching underneath your car mechanics creeper or car creeper can help you a lot. It can save you from laying down in bare ground or creeping on the rugged, bumpy and stony floor during repair which is indeed a hard job. Commonly, mechanics creeper is a sled with wheels that help you to comfortably lay on it and roll to entrance underneath the vehicles. It comes in different shapes and sizes to work on your car in a relaxed mood. 

How to Safely Use the best Floor Jack

There is nothing more precious than life, so what we do, always needs to be done carefully. This statement is true for floors or other jacks too. If you do not pay proper attention during work with a jack, it may bring unexpected wounds in your life or even cause death. So there is no scope to lighten the issue. We recommend the following precautions for safely using the best floor jack.  

Use Back-Up

“Parts fail, and things break. It’s a fact of life and engineering” said by Matthew Burris, an engineer and a writer of The failure percentage and probabilities depend on the materials used to manufacture it, maintenance and working procedures. If you buy inferior quality jack the chances of fracture, buckling, fatigue, and creeping will increase.

Because of the general wear and tear, a well-made jack device may also fail after use for a few years. On the other hand, if you don’t use it properly, like hoist excess load than rated, or not jack it in the right point of the vehicles, the best floor jack may fail.

Whatever the roots of failure, once it starts to happen you will get very less time to save yourselves. The minute you are underneath vehicles, you will not get enough room to move or crawl rapidly.

So it is better to take defensive measures to avoid an accident. As floor jacks are designed to elevate vehicles, not for holding it in high, so using a high-quality jack stand will be better instead of depending only on lifting devices. You can also use wheel chooks to prevent possible rolling for additional safety.   

Never try to use any bricks or blocks as a substitute for the jack stand as you do not know the load-bearing capacity of those. It is the question of your life and death, so don’t take it as silly.         

Set it in Solid and Flat Surface

The best floor jack designed to uplift heavy load. If you will not put it in a stable and even surface, it is obvious that the tool fails to do it works correctly. This failure may lead to severe injuries, even death. So could you not take it easy? Always be careful about the place where you are going to set up the floor jack before lifting your vehicles and entrance underneath it.

If the surface is not sturdy enough, chances are there that the car jack will sink, lowering the height and therefore hit you underneath the vehicle. On the other hand, if the surface is sloppy, the trolley jack may slide along in one direction. So, try to avoid jacking into the uneven and soft surface for personal safety.        

Follow the Slow and Steady process

Don’t be in a hurry in the course of up or down your car during jacking. If you lift your vehicle slowly and gently pump the hydraulic jack, you may undoubtedly notice any unexpected thing which helps you to save from probable danger. Similarly, do not release the valve fast during lowering the vehicles to allow smooth landing.   

Use Correct Jack Point on the Car

During raising, the vehicle places the jack where it can hold it. Only a few specific parts of your car can handle the pressure employed on it during lift the entire vehicle like a mainframe. Instead of jacking in a solid point, if you fix it in a weak point, the risk is there that it will damage your car or even cause you to fall in the hazard. 

Finally, follow all the above steps like choose the solid non-sloppy ground, slowly lift the vehicle, set jack stands in a correct position and use wheel chocks, and 100% confirm that the jack stand is not wiggle, you can enter underneath the vehicles for an oil change or other repairing works. If you find any discrepancy, don’t take a chance.  

Hydraulic Floor Jack Maintenance Tips

Once you buy the best floor jack from the market, the next vital task is to maintain it sensibly. The long life of a device doesn’t depend on its price or makes only; it mostly depends on maintenance. For the correct repair and maintenance of your floor jack tool, you should monitor the below steps cautiously.   

Eliminate Air from Cylinder 

The first step you have to follow after receiving your the best floor jack is to properly bleed and purge the system air. Air can enter into the system during shipment, assembling or transportation of floor jack. An amount of air in the system may hamper the load-bearing capacity of the jack.

Frequent Inspection

Inspect your jack regularly, including the oil level. Frequent inspection helps you to catch any problem before they occur. If you find any problem try to solve it before next use, otherwise it may cause hazards. 


Always keep your car jack clean to get an extended lifespan. Try to keep it out of dust and dirt as those hamper the performance of your the best floor jack. Regularly wipe it with a lubricated cloth after use and give it a complete clean up periodically.


Keep the moving parts, hinge points and wheels lubricated for smooth performance of the jack. Always use heavy grease instead of oil for lubrication, as it works better and will not drip easily. During general cleaning remember to remove the excess grease build up. Also, check for loose nuts and bolts during lubrication or cleaning.

Change oil

For better performance of your the best floor jack, change the oil once in a year and ensure that it is at the optimum level. If hydraulic oil reaches below the required level, it will hamper the lifting system. Similarly, excess oil will also cause damage to your car floor jack. You can purchase jack fluid from the local auto parts store, home improvement center or 


Store your the best floor jack in a clean dust free place and ensure that all the pressure is released adequately before storage. Do not put the floor jack inclined or upside down. Always store it in an upright position to avoid any leaks or entrance of air.

If you want to value your money, try to follow the above steps to maintain your car jacks appropriately.



01. What is the best floor jack to buy?

Ans.: We have already discussed a lot about the criteria of the best quality floor jacks. Usually, the car jacks that are made of steel and aluminum combination become sturdy enough without increasing the body weights. Moreover, we also prepared a list of the best value floor jacks in our reviews part. For your further assistance, we mention those names of top 10 jack brands again at below-

 Sunex Tools Arcan ALJ2T Aluminum Floor Jack

  1. Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack
  2. Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack
  3. 1.5 Ton Compact Aluminum Racing Jack
  4. Omega 29023 Magic Lift Black Low Profile Hydraulic Service Jack
  5. LiftMaster 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack
  6. Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack
  7. Arcan XL2T Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack
  8. NOS NSJ0201 2-Ton Aluminum Service Jack
  9. Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack

02. What kind of oil goes in a hydraulic jack?

Ans.: Any standard hydraulic oil of suitable viscosity should work well as the best floor jack oil. Usually, hydraulic jack oil is of low viscosity substantially the same as SAE 10W motor oil. You have to be careful about one thing: DON’T use brake fluid instead of hydraulic oil.

For safe operation of hydraulic systems viscosity plays an important role. Higher viscosity than standard may cause hindrance of oil flow in the system, especially in cold weather. Conversely, ultra-light oil will not maintain the required coherence in the hottest weather condition. Usually, SAE 10w or ISO 46 grade hydraulic oil is suitable for a floor jack. However, you will find different brands hydraulic oil in amazon which bear some extra features like –

  • Performs at a wide range of temperatures 
  • Contains anti-foam additives 
  • Seal current leaks and prevents future leaks
  • Works well in all kind of floor and bottle jacks
  • Non-Corrosive, Non-Clogging
  • Non-harmful for rubber and urethane seals

Here, we mention some brand names for your assistant – Sta-Lube, Hein-Werner, Liquid Wrench, Bar’s Leaks, Johnsen’s, Penrite and many more. All are available in different pack sizes in the Amazon shop.

03. How much can a car jack lift?

Ans.: In the marketplace, you will find a range of car jacks with a vast capacity. Most commonly for the individual cars or SUVs, you will see 1.5 to 3.5 ton (3000 to 7000 pounds) capacity jacks, and for commercial or industrial purposes it can be rated for many tons of loads. 

Always select a jack based on the weight of your vehicles. Do not use an under weighted jack, as it may cause hazards. Possibly try to use a bit extra capacity the best floor jack then a load of your car to keep some room for safety.     

04. What is a hydraulic jack made out of?

Ans.: Regardless of its utility and design, a hydraulic jack has a minimum number of necessary components in totaling to a means through which the fluid is transmitted. A primary system consists of a hydraulic pump, reservoir for hydraulic fluid, directional valve, check valve, pressure relieves valve, selector valve, actuator, and filter.

05. What is the best low profile floor jack?

Ans.: The best floor jack which can lift vehicles that are particularly ground-hugging like sports cars, lowered vehicles, show cars are known as a low profile jack. We all need a jack that cannot lift only high enough for your maintenance or repair preconditions but also get small enough to reach under the side panels of your vehicles.

According to Transportation Association of Canada, the standard minimum height of a car is at front overhang ranges from 0.06m to 0.24m (2.36inch to 9.45inch), at the wheelbase ranges from 0.09m to 0.21m (3.54inch to 8.27inch), and the rear overhang ground clearance ranges from 0.08m to 0.42m (3.15inch to 16.55inch). 

As per our review, the best low profile floor jack is one that can reach under a vehicle that has a minimum lifting height 3-inch. If you are looking for an ultra-low profile floor jack, then you can check the “Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack” which can reach under 2-7/8 inch height cars.  

06. How high can a floor jack lift?

Ans.: Ground clearance of a vehicle is a critical factor in several aspects. High ground clearance of a car means the center of mass is also at a higher point which is sometimes dangerous to handle a vehicle. Oppositely, more top ground clearance adversely affects the aerodynamic properties of a car. However, for off-road transportation where roads are not even high ground clearance is necessary. 

Sports cars designed to lower ground clearance to take the aerodynamic advantage, while off-road vehicles and SUVs intended to have higher ones. Examples of two great extremes of each are the Ferrari F40 and the Hummer.

In our review, we discuss the Hi-lift X-Treme Jack which can lift to 48 to 60 inches. So, for your off-road vehicles like tractors or hummers, you must carry a Hi-Lift XT485 or XT605.

07. What are the best car jacks?

Ans.: A car jack is a vital tool for your vehicles and must have it in your home garage or car trunk for as usual day to day maintenance works and tackle any emergency. According to your needs the lifting height, load capacity, sturdiness, rapid lifting capacity and overall smoothness to use are some main criteria to choose the best car jacks.

We discussed details about “What to consider when going to buy the best floor jack?” in the earlier part of our floor jack buying guide. You can also visit our review part where we prepared a list of the best car jacks which help you a lot to make your buying decision.  

08. What is the best jack stand?

Ans.: Jack stands are the safe and sound way to support your vehicles before taking the entrance underneath it for oil change or any other repair and maintenance works. Weight ratings are the most critical aspect of a quality jack stand. In the market, you can see jack stands rated from 3 tons up 20+ tons. Usually, for small cars or SUV, we use a pair of 2 ton to 4 ton. As jack stands come in a duo, each stand bears the same half load of total rated weight.

Here we mention some of best jack stands brand name based on customer feedback for your assistance-

  1. Torin T43002 3 Ton Jack Stands.
  2. Torin T46002A Double Locking Jack Stands (Capacity 6 Ton)
  3. Hein-Werner HW93506 Heavy Duty Jack Stands (Capacity 6 Ton)
  4. Performance Tool Heavy Duty Jack Stands (Capacity 6 Ton)
  5. PowerZone Steel 2 Ton Car Jack Stands

09. What is a trolley jack?

Ans.: A lifting device which is mounted on wheels, and equipped with a long handle acts as a pump handle, and can pull load wherever it is needed, known as a trolley jack. Trolley jack and the best floor jack are close to each other. However, there are some minor differences like they have a different minimum height. Where floor jack can lift low-level vehicles, the trolley jack cannot do so.

The best Floor jacks are typically light in weight, easy to pick up, mostly using hydraulic power and have adequate length to lift from the cross member powerfully. On the other hand, trolley jacks are a bit heavier and a little difficult to transport and store. Example of a trolley jack is Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Jack.

10. Is there a substitute for hydraulic jack oil?

Ans.: The primary function of hydraulic system fluids is to transmit and distribute forces into various units to get going. Liquids are best to do this because of their incompressibility. There are many kinds of hydraulic fluid like a water-based fluid, mineral oil and various synthetics. We cannot use water as a substitute for hydraulic fluid because it freezes in cold temperature and starts boiling at 100 degrees C. Hydraulic fluid has to be the following criteria –

  • Viscosity – is the most critical property of the hydraulic fluid and it is the internal resistance power of liquid. Viscosity increases if the temperature decreases. The fluid which we are going to use in a hydraulic system must have enough substance to bring a good seal at pumps, valves, and pistons, but it must not be so dense that it offers resistance to flow, leading to power loss and higher operating temperatures. Conversely, a fluid that is too diluted also leads to rapid wear of moving parts that have heavy loads.
  • Chemical stability – the fluid must have enough chemical stability that can resist oxidation and deterioration in the long run. It also has enough consistency that even at high temperature.
  • Flash-point – is the indicator of ignition point. A high flash point is appropriate for hydraulic fluids because it has enough resistance power against combustion and a low rate of evaporation at average temperatures.
  • Fire point – Fire point indicates a specific temperature at which a fluid gives off vapor in sufficient quantity to ignite. Like flash points, a high fire point is also required for hydraulic fluids.

Hence, if you substitute the wrong fluid, the seals can react and swell or otherwise fail. So do not use any other fluids until you know what you are going to do. 

However, nowadays there are a lot of readymade hydraulic oils available in the market. So, it would help if you did not think much about this issue.  

11. Can you use motor oil in a hydraulic jack?

Ans.: The fluids that can emulsify small amounts of water can be beneficial and used at the hydraulic jack. In some cases, the original jack manufacturer recommends using multi-grade engine oil rather than a single viscosity fluid. So, you can use motor oil in a hydraulic Jack as lightweight motor oils, or machine oil (10/20W) is a substitute for hydraulic fluids.

However, Viscosity index (VI) improvers of motor oils extend the operating temperature range for the fluids. So, you have to keep in mind that over time these VI improvers will “shear down,” and change the viscosity of the fluid at a certain temperature which has an impact on the performance of the system.

12. Can you use motor oil instead of hydraulic fluid?

Ans.: As lightweight motor oils or machine oil (10/20W) is a substitute for hydraulic fluids you can use motor oil instead of hydraulic fluid.

13. Do all cars come with a jack?

Ans.: Almost all the cars come with a scissor jack as it is lightweight and compact in size, easy to store in the trunk. Scissor jack is suitable for changing a flat tire but not much perfect for other purposes like oil change, and suspension work. Also for your home garage, a heavy-duty the best floor jack is a must-have tool for regular maintenance and repair tasks.   

14. How strong of a jack do I need?

Ans.: The strength of the best floor jack entirely depends on how much load you have to pull. To know this first you have to measure the weight or find out the amount of your car. You can find the weight of your vehicle in the operator’s manual. If the capacity of your car is 3 tons, then you have to choose a jack which can lift this load easily. 

15. Where do you put the jack?

Ans.: There is no specific jacking point, but while you set the jack beneath a car extra precaution is necessary. Jack lifts the heavy car with a single point touch, so the position should be strong enough to resist that load. If you place your jack incorrectly, it may cause severe damage to your car, even if you are under the can at that moment. To find the proper place to set the jack for your exact vehicle, check your owner’s manual. 

Commonly, the car frame or axle is the most substantial part of your car and the right place to set the jack and jack stand.

16. How do you calculate Jack points?

Ans.: There is no specific method to calculate jack points. Before pump the best floor jack, place it under the part of the vehicle that should come in contact when raised. If you are going to use jack stands, then put them as near the jack as possible. If you set your jack in the wrong place, it may injure your car or you too. To find the right place to set the jack for your particular vehicle, check instructions on the owner’s manual.

17. Are Jack stands rated per pair?

Ans.: Yes. Jack stands are rated based on per pair. When we are looking for jack stands, the most significant aspect to consider is their weight ratings. If stated another way, jack stands are sold in pairs. For example, a duo of 2-ton (4000 pounds) jack stands are rated for loads up to 1 ton (2000 pounds.) per.

18. Is Jack standing safe?

Ans.: Jack stands not lifted vehicles itself, but necessary to use it to keep your car and you safe in an elevated condition. In that sense, a jack stand is safer than the best floor jack

However, sadly speaking, fraud is a common thread everywhere nowadays, so chances are there that you get a wrong jack which may not be entirely safe for lifting your vehicle. Jack stands will help you if only it is high-quality. Hence, keep that in mind during purchase.

19. Are ramps or jack stands safer?

Ans.: Ramps are safer than jack stands as they provide extended, solid points of contact that are improbable to fail. However, ramps are not an alternative of jack or jack stand as it is less versatile than those. Suppose you need to replace brake pads, a ramp does not do any good to you. If you want to replace a muffler or raise a little height of your low profile cart for jacking, ramps are an ideal choice then. 

20. Where do you put jack stands?

Ans.: Jack stands are the safest way to hold a car in high condition after being raised by jack. The best place to use jack stand(s) are near to the jack under the secure area of the frame of the car. If you want to raise both the front and both the rear wheels, place a jack stand to each side of the jack, near the wheels.

21. Are scissor jacks dangerous?

Ans.: Scissor jacks are mechanical type jacks whereas other floor jacks are mostly hydraulic system operated. However, both are useful to lift your car. Scissor jacks are lighter in weight and convenient to carry and store at your car trunks. They are accommodating to change a flat tire. Nonetheless, if you will not use them properly, both become dangerous.

Especially, if you use them to uplift loads beyond their capacity, which they are not designed to do. If you remember these car jack tips, you can safely work under your car.

22. Is it illegal to sell a car without a spare TYRE?

Ans.: No, there is no legal obligation to sell a spare tire and a jack with a new car. According to AAA, 30 million means of transportation in the USA have no spare tire for their vehicles. Automakers also began to eliminate spare tires to make vehicles lighter to meet the fuel efficiency standards. More than one-third of the new cars did not come with a spare tire, says AAA.

However, it is advisable to keep a spare for emergencies and be aware that the spare tires are used only in case of an emergency and the speed limit should not exceed 50 mph.

23. Do new cars come with spare wheels?

Ans.: We have already discussed this issue in our earlier question where we stated that recent times automakers began to eliminate spare tires to reduce car weight to make fuel efficient. So, there are very few chances of having a spare one in new cars. 

24. Do used cars come with spare tires?

Ans.: Having spare tires in a used car entirely depends on from whom or where you buy the car. If the owner of the car had or bought one and sold it along with it then you will get a spare tire otherwise you have to collect it separately.

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