What are the well-known brands of Recurve bows?

You must want to know about What are the well-known brands of Recurve bows? In this tutorial, you will be able to know about the best brands of recurve bows. So, let’s start.

What are the well-known brands of Recurve bows
What are the well-known brands of Recurve bows

What are the well-known brands of Recurve bows?

BEAR Archery

Bear Archery is a well-known company that has been in the business of producing bows since 1938. It was founded in Detroit by Fred Bear and Charles Piper. Although the company started producing bows from 1938, it was actually founded in 1933. Later Fred Bear sold other parts of the company in 1940 and named the archery production part of the business as Bear Archery.

Two of the best bows made by Bear Archery are the Bear Archery Super Kodiak and Bear Archery Grizzly. The Bear Archery Super Kodiak was actually one of Fred Bear’s last designs. He took it around the world to hunt games, and it has been many archers’ favorites ever since. The Bear Archery Grizzly was a classic hit as well. He had spent a lot of time making sure these bows were just right. As a result, even 50 years since these were created, they still have the faith of many archers.

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Bear Archery sells compound, traditional, recreational, and youth bows. They also sell crossbows. They have an exclusive Legend Series. Even if the products in the Legend Series may seem overpriced, they are state of the art products and are lethal. Their crossbows, on the other hand, are very affordable. They are also reliable and fast, so hunters looking to spend more time in the woods can do so with ease.

Southwest Archery Tigershark

Southwest Archery has been in the archery industry producing extraordinary bows and arrows for 20+ years. They are producing bows for Olympians and professional hunters, and they have their faith in Southwest Archery Tigershark to deliver. They are best known for their extraordinary customer service. They say as they started out with humble beginnings, they understand the value of their customers. Their mission is to bring their customers excellent products and also simultaneously maintaining their excellent customer service standards.

They sell ‘Ready 2 Shoot’ packages that include everything you need to operate a bow in a package. These packages have everything except finger protections because of different sizes of hand. They sell both one-piece and takedown bows. Most of their products have warranties, and their customer service is explicable. You can find almost any accessories or replaceable parts for bows on their website.

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They sell products that can be used for hunting, target shooting, or even competitive shootings. Hunters can buy their Stingray Takedown Recurve bow, which fires arrows with deadly force. Their Scorpion Recurve longbow can send your arrows flying over long distances.

Martin Archery

Martin Archery was founded in 1951, and its headquarter is based in Walla Walla, Washington. They produce bows, bow strings, and other archery accessories for customers in the United States and also in other countries. Martin Archery looks to fulfill its customers’ various needs. They even sell fishing bows. If you are having trouble finding a specific bow that will fulfill your current need, you will most probably find it on Martin Archery’s website.

They sell compound bows, traditional bows, take-down bows, and even fishing bows. They have a list of excellent hunting bows and target bows on their website. Their new release, the MAXX 33 2019, is a state-of-the-art hunting bow. With this bow, you are bound to take down your hunt with ruthless force. Their new bow for target shooting is the AXXON39, which will ensure your arrow finds its way to the target. Their new fishing bow, the KRAKEN 2019, allows you to fish like never before.

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Hunter or a competitive shooter, archers of all categories place their trust in the products made by Martin Archery. They mostly produce modern bows but their traditional bows are jaw-dropping as well.


Southland Archery Supply is a relatively new company that had started with a passion for crafting masterpiece bows for hunting and competitive shooting as well. They have a factory in an 11,000 sq ft land located in Southern California that produces a variety of outdoor sporting products and goods. From 2007, their new focus has been on producing bows and crossbows for hunting and target archery. Their products are trustworthy because all their products are field-tested before selling.

One of their best crossbows is the SAS Authority compound crossbow. It has a draw weight of 175 lbs. That can literally pound its target. If you are not a big fan of crossbows, their SAS Courage Take Down Archery hunting bow will surely grab your attention.

They sell compound bows, crossbows, traditional bows, and a wide range of accessories. They have outlets all over the US, and they also sell online. If you order more than $50 from their website, they do not charge delivery fees.  They sell very stylish Bow cases so that you can make daily trips to the shooting range in style.

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SAMICK has constantly been Korea’s leading archery company since 1975, and it continues to lead till this day. They manufacture a full range of archery products from bows and arrows to all the tinier accessories. Their products are used by beginners to top experts alike. They like to maximize their technical resources and knowledge to manufacture the best products in terms of quality.

SAMICK uses high carbon metal technology to manufacture products that provide archers with better speed, stability, and smoothness. They use aluminum to maximize the bow and arrow’s strength and hardness. The SAMICK stabilization system absorbs shocks and vibrations and makes the bow more stealth. Balancing all these factors, they produce the best bows in the market.

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The renowned SAMICK SAGE is its flagship bow that has the trust of all of its customers. The SAGE can be used by both hands and is very versatile. It is a hunting bow and hunters all around the world praise how lethal it is. Most of the limbs and risers of different recurve bows made by SAMICK are interchangeable.

SAMICK products helped archery champions from all over the world break many records. It is truly a choice for the champions.

Precision Shooting Equip

The company PSE Archery was founded by a professional archer back in 1970. It is now the largest privately-owned Archery equipment producer in the United States. Since the company is owned by an archer, he had experimented a lot and perfected the compound bow we see today. Pete Shelpy (the founder), knew time had come for archery to evolve into something new and something better.

The company had a humble beginning, but with the passion that Pete had for archery, the company was destined to reach great heights. It is that passion that enabled PSE Archery to own more than twenty patents for bow designs and other archery products. They were one of the firsts to create archery products from solid aluminum.

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The best of PSE’s products can be found on their website under the Pro-Line series. The price tags on these bows may set you off, but they are absolutely the best of the bests and totally worth the cost they sell for. The Carbon Air Stealth 35 by PSE is said to be the most advanced carbon bow ever made. It is made to be stiffer and stronger than any other bows out there right now. In terms of competitions, PSE Archery is truly on the top right now.

Parts of a Recurve


The riser is where the limbs of the bow connect. It is the main part of the bow to which most of the other parts or accessories of the bow connect. You can connect stabilizers, V-bars, top dampeners and sights to it. Basically, the middle portion of the bow which we grip to take the shot is the Riser. Risers are generally either made from aluminum or from wood.

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The handle

In a handle riser, you get an extension that provides you a surface to fetch the arrow and clearance as well. You can attach several accessories like the sight to the handle.

A platform

The platform is what you place the arrow against and also where you grip the bow. The platform of a riser determines how smooth the shot and how comfortable the grip will be.

An elevated rest

An elevated rest allows you to put the arrow on a surface when knocking it. This allows you to be more precise and lets the arrow follow a smoother projectile. The rest takes one headache out of your mind. The headache of holding the arrow in place while shooting. The elevated rest makes life easier.

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Bow sight

A bow sight is an add-on that allows you to focus where you want to shoot the arrow. Just like the sight on a gun, the bow sight lets you know where your shot will be hitting. There are numerous types of sight that you can attach to your bow. The red dot sight is a very popular choice.

A clicker

A clicker is a popular accessory that is mostly used by beginners. It does a clicking sound when you draw an arrow to let you know it is time to release the arrow. Basically, the clicker ensures consistent draw length in each shot. This means each of your shots will have the same amount of energy and do the same amount of damage. Without a clicker, you will not be sure when to release the arrow and will result in you flinching and freezing. With enough experience, the clicker is eventually not required anymore.


A stabilizer fulfills a variety of purposes. One of their main roles is to absorb the shock that comes with the release of the arrow. This reduces the impact on your hand and also makes the bow quieter. If you want to be stealthier, consider using a stabilizer. The added weight also allows you to hold the bow straighter and be more accurate. The length of the stabilizer determines how effective it will be. But the longer it is, the heavier it will be.


Each bow has two limbs, the topmost limb is called the upper limb, and the bottom one is called a lower limb. Each limb has a knock at their tip, which is used to connect the bowstring to both ends. The limbs are usually connected to a riser, and this completes a basic bow. The strength and hardness of the limbs determine how durable the bow will be. Fiberglass limbs are popular right now. They are durable and light as well. Also, they retain their original shape and are resistant to stress and strain.

Takedown Limbs

Takedown bow has limbs that are detachable. This means you can remove the limbs from the riser and attach them again. This increases the portability of the bow, and you can store it easily as well. Takedown bows are getting more popular by the day. It is possible due to the takedown limbs. Many takedown limbs are interchangeable with different risers. Companies use this to their favor and make bows with interchangeable limbs to increase convenience.

Bow String.

Bowstrings are one of the most important parts of the bow not only in the sense that it fires the arrow. But the bow string’s strength, elasticity, and durability affect the quality of your shots greatly. It is very important to choose the right strings, or you will lose a lot of money changing them regularly. The strings come in different forms. The simple string is made from fibers twisted into a single cord. The reverse-twisted string is the same, but the fibers are twisted in the opposite direction. The fibers are usually made from linen or hemp. Looped strings are getting popular right now. Looped strings are made by doing continuous loops of the same material.